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Meet Melissa, our Dance
Guru Extroidanire!

The talent behind Latin Finesse! Melissa has been dancing and instructing for decades with a strong flare toward Latin-style dancing. With her desire to help those in need of a major fitness overhaul or her willingness to help those who wish to stay in shape, Melissa's deep-rooted belief that Spiritual fitness is just as important as physical fitness makes her the perfect partner for health success!


Choreographer, Instructor, Music Acquisition


Meet Danny, the Magician Behind the Scenes!

A Jack of all Trades, Danny's role with Latin Finesse is all things technical including the Latin Finesse website, video, and editing as well as graphic design to name just a few. With over 20 years of experience in these areas, his talent for creating eye-catching content is certainly put to good use within Latin Finesse!


Web Designer, Producer, Media Engineer

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